5 Things I Learned While Blogging

Welcome back, I have relaunched my blog and here's why. I've been missing in action, along the way of launching livinglifevividly, there was a lot that I hadn't considered and it became overwhelming for me and there was need for a restart button. Honestly, I could've kept blogging but I needed time to soak it in and thoroughly review what could have been done differently. In that process, I did some digging, I took a marketing course, I purchased a book titled the Influencer and I highly recommend it for content creators whether you're a YouTuber, vlogger or even want to blog. Lastly, you can never get enough of podcasts, there are so many out there but what stood out the most was Kontent Queens and so many gems are talked about. Now, there isn’t a specific order of these lessons but I find them to be great take-aways plus it is not limited to creating a blog, it can be applied to anything else.

"Think about what makes you genuinely excited. Those are key indicators of where your revenue opportunities may lie.” -Unknown

Check out these Gems!

  1. Consistency is your friend! I needed a reminder that it doesn't matter if I received 1 like on a post that I shared, keep putting yourself out there by posting consistently. If I hadn't taken a break from blogging then there's no telling where I could have been but the lesson I am learning is to keep going! It may not attract those you want but someone will see it and appreciate it.

  2. Do the research. What you aspire to become, study it. Given that I wanted to become a blogger and content creator, I followed #BlackGirlsWhoBlog on Instagram. It mainly serves as an inspiration of course however I am to see the different type of bloggers there are, what resources are being used (a lot of content creators use link tree for followers to easily find links to their websites, shopping list or YouTube channel). Pinterest is a great app to search any idea for the field you’re wanting to get into. A big struggle for me was the lack of social media presence, posting almost everyday wasn’t fun for me at all and I didn’t know how I wanted my layout to be so I typed in “Instagram Layout” and there were different styles that could be used like checkerboard. Bottom line is, if you don’t know it google it.

  3. Invest in yourself! I purchased a book titled “Influencer” by Brittany Hennessy. She lays out all the gems and gives the blueprint of how to manage your personal brand in the age of social media. By doing this I made an investment due to having uncertainty of knowing how to get started on creating my brand, especially when the digital age is continuously advancing. This a great read and extremely informative, I highly recommend buying to gain information on building your brand. Questions to ask yourself, how am I enriching my life? What am I feeding myself? (and I’m not referring to food) What kind of knowledge are you taking in, in your daily life?

  4. Strategically plan! I didn’t think this would be a problem at all, I love planners and looking at them but what I learned about planning strategically is setting the intention behind what you’re trying to do. Let’s go back to the point I made about Instagram. Creating content could be taking photos for your website and/or page, planning ahead of time to know exactly what and when you’re going to post is imperative. I decided that my blog is lifestyle and wellness, I love self care so posting quotes or affirmations on my Instagram page is something that I can share for #WellnessWednesday or #SelfLoveSunday

  5. Remember your why! Why did you decide to start your business? What do you love about it? Remembering your why is a reminder to keep you going. I forgot my why along the way. I created a blogstorm board with magazine clippings I cut out with motivational words to give me that push of why I began in the first place. I love to create, I love journals, I love home décor, I love organization, I love podcasts, I love wellness, personal development, thrifting, etc. I needed a space to express myself creatively and that’s my why.