Black Women Owned Podcasts To Know

Tuning into podcasts daily has been a ritual of my self care routine. When I need motivation to set out the day, I’ll listen to some of my favorite podcasts. What I would like to note about knowledge and gaining insight is that it goes beyond the classroom and isn’t the only place where you may seek information. Through podcasts is how I learned the importance of mental health and wellness, about finances and knowing that you’re not alone when life throws curve balls at you and so much more. Plus the great thing about this is it comes from Black Women that hold these spaces and platforms to educate those willing to listen.

Soul Filling Podcast

Soul Filling Podcast, hosted by three Black Women that are based in Houston, Texas is all about getting your soul fed. I can't remember exactly how I found this podcast but in 2018 I've discovered my love for listening to podcasts that were encouraging, informative with dropping gems and motivating for promoting personal growth. When I learned that one of the hosts attended my alma mater it was up from there, it was refreshing and I tune in every Tuesday to get inspired. It's amazing to recognize their growth throughout the podcast as well, it is as though we all are walking together but in our own path. This is my for sure my go to podcast and in honor of Black History month, I had to shout out Soul Filling. They are on all platforms.

Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls podcast is hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford based in Atlanta, Georgia. In the beginning of my healing journey, I was searching for resources that could be helpful. Dr. Joy makes it clear that the podcast isn't to replace a relationship with a licensed therapist but she sure do share ways of how to set boundaries (which has been extremely helpful for me), why it is important to prioritize your mental health, checking in and also inviting others to join in on a conversation about some of our Insecure cast members like Issa and Molly's relationship. There is a new podcast episode every Wednesday plus there is a Facebook community group to have a sense of connectivity.

Kontent Queens

Kontent Queens is a fairly new podcast that was launched in November in 2020. The hosts are Vic Styles and The Notorious Kia. I have been following The Notorious Kia on YouTube for awhile now, her content has been about fashion specifically thrifting and styling but also beauty like skin and hair care routines. She promotes sustainability while rocking her sneaks. I saw that she and Vic Styles has started a podcast and I had to give it a listen. So many gems has been dropped for content creators, providing advice for those wanting to start their brand and is new to the market. This podcast is based out of New York.

Journey to Launch

Journey to Launch is hosted by Jamila Souffrant, also based out of New York. This podcast is all about the journey to financial freedom. I received a notification for a Facebook group, Goalfriends I has in and there was a question about what podcasts the members were listening to and I saw a few and looked them up. Personally, I knew this was needed because repairing my relationship to finance is what I wanted to work on like building my credit, starting a savings and becoming disciplined in that area, but also managing where my money was going. This podcast gives you a ton of insight on what you need to know about getting your finances in order. If you want to be #WhereTheMoneyReside then I recommend to check it out.


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