Celebrating the New Year at Home during COVID-19

“NYE is looking real living room-ish” -said by everyone on social media. Here are some enjoyable activities to engage in to bring in the New Year at the house.

  1. Vision Board Party. I love creating vision boards as a guide to set the tone for goals I want to achieve. I prefer pen to paper, physical copies of things like books and magazines so choosing the old fashion route of buying poster boards, collecting clips from old magazines to create a vision board. There is an alternative that I have seen trending recently is making it on Canva and instead of magazines Pinterest would replace it, it can be done right on your phone or laptop.

  2. Wine Down. Inspired from Issa Rae’s Insecure this activity is a sit back and relax type of vibe. Buy your favorite bottle of wine and wine glass, pick out your best set of pajamas and rest. Find a cocktail recipe to try on Pinterest. Add in a self-reflection activity by journaling about your growth throughout the year. Has there been a shift in how you respond to certain things, specifically negativity? Make it a group thing by Face Timing your girls or boys and hosting a discussion while sipping on your wine.

  3. Deep Cleaning and Decluttering. A ritual I must say. I personally love a clean and organized space, also I enjoy going through my clothes and finding what pieces spark joy and what pieces do not, instead of throwing your clothing items away donate them to a local community closet. This entails going through junk drawers and old storage boxes that have been collecting dust. Disinfecting everything in your home, wiping and washing the walls, cleaning up underneath your bed, etc. Throw on some music while you’re at it and at the end light a candle as a symbol of completion.

  4. Movie Night. A simple activity to do is having a movie night which can be a shared activity virtually with loved ones. Try watching a movie in a genre that wouldn’t typically be a go-to. Order some take out, enjoy with popcorn and candy as if you’re in a movie theatre, and bundle up with your blanket.

  5. Photo Booth set up. Stores like H-E-B and Target have their end caps filled with props such as balloons, eyeglasses, fringe backdrops, etc. that are affordable to capture fun photos. Choose a wall in your room or living room that has nothing on it, hang up your decorations and tripod and click away or set it up in your bathroom and create cool content.

  6. Date Night Inside. If you’re wanting to do some fine dining but would like to practice safety measures, host a date night at home. Plan a 5-star meal at home or order in from a favorite restaurant, get candles, a nice tablecloth and your favorite good plates for a romantic set up. Dress accordingly, maybe that New Year’s Eve attire that you thought would come in handy but the way the pandemic set up. Do your make up, have music playing, talk about your goals for 2022 with your partner and watch the ball drop together.

  7. Game Night. If you live at home with family, have game night with different board games that include Taboo, Jenga, Uno, Connect Four, etc. Of course, when it comes to game night there is always an incentive for the winner or a requirement for those that lose throughout. Add your own twist.

  8. Brunch At Home, I love a good brunch spot, brunch overall is an all-time favorite. What you may typically order at a restaurant, recreate it at home. At Another Broken Egg, on the menu are biscuit beignets and I fell in love with them, so I recreated it at home. Look up mimosa recipes other than the usually orange juice and champagne (BTW there’s a Black Woman Owned wine found at Target, Black Girl Magic).

  9. Dance Party. Larn a Tik Tok dance. This is a fun shared activity with immediate family members. Or take it back and have a soul train line, capture the moments by recording it.

  10. Rest. Do Absolutely Nothing. Take a relaxing bubble bath and get some much-needed sleep.