Choosing Better Decisions for my Health

I mentioned some of this information in an older post, I am having a Healthy, Hot Girl Summer.

(photos of food I have bought this past week)

In recognition of National Diabetes Awareness month, I decided to share my personal experience of how diabetes has made an impact in my life. First, it was knowing my family history regarding diabetes and how I am prone to it solely based on that but it isn't the only factor. It wasn't until after my daddy's death ten years ago that I made an executive decision to attend annual check ups specifically for its diagnosis to ensure that it will not happen to me. Here is how things have changed. In June, I found out that my glucose levels were slightly elevated so I began working out then somehow somewhere I became inconsistent with maintaining it. Last month, I had blood work done as a follow up and I was told that my glucose levels increased significantly and again, I was advised to intake a low carb diet and increase exercise. Do I want there to be a third time but then it’s too late? Of course not, so I am choosing to make better decisions.

What I will say that changed were my priorities. I wanted to earn extra money on the side so I started door dashing and placed working out on the back burner. I made excuses each time my sister would ask if I was going to work out that day. "Oh, I can't. I'm about to door dash." or "I don't feel like it". I even went to the extent of attempting to cancel my gym membership with TruFit, I felt as if I didn't need it anymore. However, what I really needed was to create a routine that will work for me especially having a 9-5 I struggled with managing my time. As I am figuring it out, I learned that I don't have to do "too" much, meaning that I don't have to push myself to exercise five times a week because doing that I wouldn’t have succeeded whatsoever.

Referencing a book I am currently reading, Atomic Habits by James Clear he mentions that 'habit stacking is a strategy you can use to pair a new habit with a current habit'. An example of that is once I get off work, I immediately change into workout clothes. Instead of going to the gym, I joined in on my sister's group virtual training class, S.NicholFitness (go sign up! you won't regret it) that is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and that works for me. Though it is minimum, it's great for a beginner and on the days I don't workout I aim to walk at least 30 minutes to increase activity given that I sit a desk for 8 hours 5 days a week. Another way that I implement walking is going inside the grocery store instead of utilizing curbside pickup like before despite its convenience. Overall, I track my progress in my Notes app and watch how many steps I make.

I would like to point how I went to a fast food joint and chosen the healthy food options. That is a big step because the person I was last week would never. I am proud for holding myself accountable no matter how tempting it can get. As far as meals go, I am lowering my intake of foods that contain a ton of carbs but I am not eliminating it, this is not a keto diet. Honestly, I turn to Tik Tok for recipe ideas. A funny thing occurred the other day, I was looking up recipes and this woman shared the different meals she eat in a day, workout tips but also explained what motivated her fitness journey. Her experience is similar to mine, she also went in for a check up and they have informed her of having high glucose levels. The thing is that it is preventable with lifestyle changes and it transformed into her lifestyle. All I could think about was God in that moment and how he moves for you to truly see what he's been trying to tell you and that served as a reminder of my 'why' to keep going no matter how challenging it is.

Another important aspect to highlight was an insecurity that I have, I am not going to say 'had' because it comes and goes. At times I look at myself and I love it then there are other times that I don't. Unrealistic thinking that it would magically disappear and visiting past photographs of myself that I admired the most. At times, I feel there's this distorted view. It has to be then I realize just because someone else may like how I look doesn't mean I do because it starts within. I had to come back down to reality and understand that things are not going to change until I make a change. Not only am I wanting to continue on this journey for physical reasons for the sake of my health overall but also for mental reasons. When I think of my dad, all that comes to mind is his mental state that is up to his death. I am thinking long term and I would like to be healthy especially if I can help it and have control over it. Therefore, I want to feel better about myself and gain more confidence. I affirm that acknowledging this journey isn't linear and it will time to fully embrace what lies ahead but I will persevere with discipline and patience.


I am sharing a link for those that may need health coverage. This program is called Healthy Texas Women which is a Medicaid program in the state of Texas. Hence the title, it is for women between the ages 18 to 44 years old. It does have limitations to the services that are offered but it does include a women's exam that has screening and treatment for diabetes. Personally, I have utilized this program before and I recommend applying. I also encourage to contact local health care centers that have services like this at low cost if you are uninsured. In the end, Take better care of yourselves!

With love,

Vivion Lashon