Holiday Gift Guide 2021 under $100

It's that time of the year y'all and I decided to participate in the holiday season by sharing some gift ideas that you can do for your loved one that isn’t too costly. I have seen that meme that’s been going around that states, “I can only afford to pray for y’all this Christmas” talk about resonance and if that is all you can do then honey that is okay. This post is also inspired from experience by not knowing what to gift someone that was affordable, so I hope you can find some inspiration in this post especially if you’re doing some last minute shopping. I want to point out the items are ideas, you can always find dupes of these products for even less but remember to not fully focus on the price and more so of the thought. It sounds cliche but I stand by this, “it’s the thought that count”. Enjoy!

For Her:

  • Candles. Specifically, by Jackie Aina, @forvrmood which is a Black Woman luxury brand that is in fact affordable. The price of one candle is $38 which is well worth it. Or you can visit your local Target, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s that does carry amazing candles as well and of course I could not leave out Bath and Body Works. To accessorize that, add a candle lighter but not just any old lighter, a much more modern and sleeker candle lighter that you can order from Amazon for only $12. Candle warmers with wax melts are a great alternative and more decorative.

  • Throw Blankets. I love a good, comfy blanket. I own four blankets myself. This is the perfect weather to invest in a good blanket, a heated blanket as well. This is an affordable item that is also useful that can be a part of your gift. This item run as low as $5, you can even visit your local Dollar General that has sells them for less. Other stores you can look for is Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls.

  • Skincare / Bodycare I recently purchased Fenty Whipped Butta Drop, I wanted to be more intentional about pampering myself more so I invested in this product. I read reviews on it and there were good ones, I haven’t tried it yet but this can be a great gift on a budget, there are different sizes plus you can by refills. You can never get enough of body scrubs or oils, face cleaners or moisturizers, body wash, loofahs, cotton towels and towelettes and it be kind to your pockets. I would like to also add satin robes and house slippers, a good place to search for these items are TJ Maxx or Marshalls but I know there are more places.

  • Storage / Organizers This is an extremely functional and affordable gift. Depending on your loved one there are many options to choose from. From instance, if cooking is what they love then you could buy storage containers for pasta, rice, sugar, flour, etc. There are also different styles but what I see more now is the simplistic look, clear glass containers. Additionally, which could have been placed in the 'skincare' section are clear containers to hold facial cleansers but if you want to get a bit fancy on 'em at a decent price (the lowest I have seen was $50), there are mini fridges that Amazon carries specially for skincare products. And if they are a makeup guru then this is perfect for the occasion.

  • Polaroid Camera. This item is fun and definitely memorable. It's a way of creating new memories that will last a lifetime. If you're really on a budget then try a disposable camera (yes they are still being sold), it's truly nostalgic and old fashioned but that's what makes it so great. I'm recommending this item because of what it reminds me of and each time I travel or gather around family and friends, I pull it out capturing everything and everyone which will be something to look back on in the future.

  • Glassware. You know wine is a vibe and part of our self-care routine. Amazon, Target, or TJ Maxx is a good place to find nice wine glasses. Ice buckets or a wine decanter carafe is good add on.

  • Hair Care. Now we can never get enough of this. We love to see it. There are a lot of Black Owned Brands that carry our favorite hair care products, Mielle Organics, Camille Rose, Carol's Daughters, etc. These brands also have bundles that helps you save a great deal of money because truthfully speaking, we know how expensive it can be. Hair tools are also included, like hair dryers, detangling comb and brushes even a satin pillow case as it speaks luxury but affordable. Make it fun by purchasing a him/hers bonnet and durag set or embroidering their name on it.

  • Travel. Stores like Ross tend to carry affordable luggage like duffle bags, backpacks. Accessories like luggage tags, neck pillows, apothecary sets, passport card holder, earplugs, Apple AirTag or a power bank. There are also gift cards for airlines that can be purchased at Target where you can put as low as $50 on it.

  • Get Creative! I love this one so much because of the authenticity and the thoughtfulness it entails. Knick Knacks, a random basket of their favorite things something like a personalize care basket. This was a go to for my friends because I couldn't afford "grand" items however remembering that it's not about the price tag. It can include their favorite candy, wine, most essential item like an extra charger, a journal, a photo album, an iPhone or Air Pod case, a book, flowers, etc. It can be a combination of mini things that is cost effective. Think of who they are and what stands out, it will come easy to you. Adding a card and not just any card, a handwritten note inside expressing your feelings or what you appreciate most about them. In my opinion, this is priceless.

For Him:

  • Essentials. Though this item is the most common, this is always needed. The white tees, socks, underwear, sweats, pajama pants, house shoes, etc. In the men's section at Target or Walmart, you can buy a pack of white tees for $15 which I can this cool and affordable.

  • Skincare / Bodycare. Similar to the ladies, another good purchase at an affordable cost. You can buy a set and add in facial cleansers or moisturizers. There are products specifically for beards like oil, combs and brushes. To tie into this, add in a matching set of towels. Favorite mention, cologne. We love a good smelling man! Let's include candles to this equation.

  • Electronics. If he is a gamer, headphones are perfect for this, or a game card or a new controller. I stan useful, functional products. If he is a fan of music, a speaker can work or a turntable (the lowest price I seen was $50). Speaking of turntables, vinyl records of their favorite artist is fun to contribute with it. An interesting item I recently stumbled across was a mini projector for as low as $60. Personally speaking, I love movies and this can be an ideal for a movie night at home or on the balcony if you want to really set the mood.

  • Books. A good read that's educational and informative that may speak specifically to him is creative or books written by Black authors of different genres whether it is James Baldwin or Gucci Mane. Book recommendations: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, Sula by Toni Morrison, and Dear Black Men by Jewel Guy.

  • Fitness. Workout gear that is either fitness clothes or dumbbells, protein shake or water bottles or meal prepping containers. Tuesday Morning is a store I worked at as a second job and they carry a lot of container sets, water bottles and fitness gear. A personal blender to make protein shakes or smoothies instead of having to buy those is helpful.

  • Art. Self portraits, or a picture of the two of you painted. Paintings of their favorite musician, TV character, actor, past time leader, etc.

  • Travel. Stores like Ross tend to carry affordable luggage like duffle bags, backpacks. Accessories like luggage tags, neck pillows, apothecary sets, passport card holder, earplugs, Apple AirTag or a power bank. There are also gift cards for airlines that can be purchased at Target where you can put as low as $50 on it.

  • Get Creative! I have seen men gifted sentimental items especially of those that meant a lot to them like their grandmothers for example. Anything that serves as a reminder and it is heartfelt is also priceless. Like the ladies, a basket of his favorite and most useful items can be put together into one.

Note: Afterpay and Klarna will be your bff during this time of the year.