I am Practicing Mindfulness by Digital Detoxing

I feel that I haven't really shared how I've been feeling or how I am doing on my blog. Given that this it is centered around lifestyle and wellness, a major part of it is to be used as a creative outlet and to share my wellness journey. Did I lose touch of what I originally wanted for myself? There is so many changes and a desire for instant gratification that I got caught up in it. Especially with social media like Instagram for always switching up the algorithm making it less fun cause you gotta do all of these things to ensure your posts are shown by your family and friend followers plus it’s bombarded with promos and ads. You know I get it. We’re constantly evolving in the digital world but a break from it is a necessity. To take a step back and refocus and ground yourself with nature or get back into reading books is practicing mindfulness. I challenged myself to go on a digital detox because I sit in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day five days a week. Then once I am off work, it's time to binge watch a Netflix series and repeat. What a life right? Not to sound ungrateful but my days have been dragging and it’s just the same old thing.

The purpose of me partaking in a digital detox is to be more mindful, consuming less of the virtual world especially since the entire world has changed because we’re still in a pandemic, but pretty much substituting the usage of my cell phone with reading my books and journaling more. Therefore, during the last week of February I committed to going on a digital detox, now how did I do? I definitely limited my time own social media but I replaced that time spent on other apps like Amazon or Target. That led me to further think of the reason why, because I was still picking up my phone. Did I want to go on a digital detox or social media cleanse? I didn't pick up my laptop until I absolutely had to for Zoom meetings. As far as watching Netflix, I limited myself to one episode of a series I was binge watching before bed or while I was eating a meal. I think that planning to go on digital detox seems more tempting to still use your digital devices than when you naturally go on one, like you don't even think about it. Plus, I get excited when my screen time decreases, that is definitely something I look forward to on a Sunday morning.

I don't want this to be a one time thing though but I know that it will require discipline. What I've learned and even researched about digital detoxing is that it eliminates comparisons, "comparison is the thief of joy", you're more productive, by unplugging you could center your thoughts on your surroundings by journaling instead of going to the social media. This reminds me of the time when I lost my phone almost two years ago (I don't even know how I did that) and I was forced to go into hiding but the end result was so freeing. I didn't have messages or calls coming in, I had become inaccessible and I loved it. You really get to sit with yourself and learn who you are and I find solace in that. I miss when all you had to do is step outside and all your friends were huddled up on the breaker box then you'd be outside all day just doing outside things like riding your bikes and scooters into neighborhoods or jumping fences. Wow. What a time to be alive. But anyway, I encourage you to give yourself some peace by taking a step back, even if it's for an hour.