I’m having a Healthy, Hot Girl Summer!

I was listening to @balancedblackgirlpodcast this morning and I was inspired by the title and of course the episode itself. It was relatable especially since I am in this current phase of creating a more intentional and healthier lifestyle. Prior to summer beginning I had an expectation that was I’m “outside!”, but truthfully, I haven’t been many places but to work, home and the gym and even that isn’t an everyday thing but it’s a process and with the assistance of my sister, @s.nicholfitness. l signed up for a membership at TruFit as the first step in becoming physically


In May, I went in for my annual woman’s exam and the first thing they will do is determine your weight. When I stepped on the scale, the only thing that I could think about is how did I get here? My relationship with my weight has been up and down because that’s exactly what it does, fluctuates. It’s tiring to say the least.

Apart of my exam I had my blood drawn then a week later, the nurse called to inform me about my lab results and that’s when it was mentioned that my glucose levels were elevated. She recommended that I go on a low-carb diet and exercise regularly because I could potentially have prediabetes meaning that it’s a condition in which blood sugar is high but not high enough to be type 2 diabetes. Though it’s not “high enough” it’s still something that I didn’t want to happen, don’t want to happen. It’s too close. Prior to this, every year I make it a point to get a checkup simply based on the health issues that run through my family on my dad’s side such as diabetes because one of the risk factors is due to genetics and chile they run deep! Unfortunately, my dad was on dialysis and had kidney problems, from what I remember he had two kidney transplants. Also, I learned that my aunts were diabetic as well. This all inspired me to not only learn more about diabetes but it prompted me to create a week of events dedicated to honoring its awareness month (November) while I was in college. The point of the batter is this was critical and I needed to make needed changes.

During this time I had already started working out but the challenge was not working out. It was figuring out “now what the hell am I gonna eat?” It’s already a struggle doing that on a daily basis so now you mean to tell me I have to limit that? This was a tough call y'all but it wasn‘t impossible to attain. As I mentioned, the nurse told me to take on a low-carb diet so I needed to include more protein and as much as I love potatoes in all it’s forms, and pasta and bread, consuming less carbs was part of the deal. Before each grocery store trip, I write out a list. Eating fruits and vegetables isn’t a problem for me. Drinking water isn’t an issue. Creating healthier meals that weren’t as costly, packed flavor and were nutritious is what I wanted.

I like to think of myself as a researcher, I was on the hunt for recipes that catered to the lifestyle I was embarking on. I’ve looked on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram for inspo and when I saw something that I wanted to try, I recreated it at home such as making burrito bowls that you could get at Chipotle. It’s one of my favorite meals to make and go take to work for lunch. Just go to the store and buy a bag of grilled chicken or chicken breast mix it with your choice of rice, spring mix, grilled onions and peppers, roasted corn, tomatoes, avocado, with tomatillo sauce and spicy ranch. In case you needed an idea for your next meal.

I've noticed the changes from what I used to buy and to what I buy now. The nutrition aspect of encompassing a more healthier lifestyle is necessary. I always have to add a disclaimer in because in no way, shape or form do I eat the healthiest everyday, again this is a process, my process. I still enjoy eating ice cream late at night and chips for a quick snack from time to time but the difference now is that therefore I am intentional about my intake of those things and I look for substitutes.

"Know that you will do good and will also fall short sometimes but when you fall short, you're not falling from the very beginning of when you started, by then you've already made progress." -s.nicholfitness

That also gives me the motivation to continue when I decide not to work out or indulge in the foods I need to avoid the most. I allow myself to feel grace and genuinely understand that I am able to do better the next time and so forth. Yet as always, I encourage you if you're on a similar path and wanting to mama lifestyle changes know that you are fully capable and note that it's a process and will take time. I am now 9 weeks in of my journey. This is to having a Healthy, Hot Girl Summer.