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Lifestyle: Benefits of Solo Dating, Outfit Details.

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I made a commitment to myself that I wanted to start going on solo dates. I've had this innate feeling and identification of a loner of my constant habit of reverting to my room, enjoying that time alone more than being around others or when I am out running errands, I like to do that alone. I have the pleasure of going on outings with others and experiencing life together, but I haven't intentionally done that alone and that's what I wanted to embark on for myself. Other reasons why are to build up my self-confidence, discover what I thoroughly like and love, and prioritizing myself. Attending a concert or a music festival was one of my goals for this year, talk about perfect timing because Teyana Taylor announced her last tour and I bought the tickets immediately and they were tickets were affordable. The question would always be "who are you going with?" and I told them, "Myself." followed by a surprised face. I want solo dating to become a norm for me. Eating out at restaurants and going to the movies are things I like to do but it's not often that I go out and do them. I aspire to solo travel and be in solitude as I navigate that journey. This is only the beginning.

While I've been preparing for the concert, I have realized my interest in discovering my sense of style. I'm no fashionista but I'm fly is what my new motto when it comes to style. I looked to Pinterest for inspiration. I knew that I wanted my theme to give "rockstar", you know, a graphic tee and combat boots. Heels were out of the question, so I opted for platform sandals, Weekend Brunch from @misslola for $25 (there was a discount code). Initially, I was going with a graphic tee that I already had but I didn't like how it looked with the Denim Mini Skirt - Black Wash I purchased from Target for $18, instead, I wore a top I already had, and it was on clearance for $5 from Rue 21 when I bought it last year. I am linking a similar top here as I am unable to find it. I liked how it paired well based on the style, the fitting and the details of the silver hooks which matched with the chain of my Crocodile Chain Crossbody from @shein (Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find the exact link to the bag but there are options to choose from).

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