Naturalista: ACV + Bentonite Clay Mask Review

I have seen a plethora of Black Women, especially in the Natural Hair community use this regime on their hair as a mask. Personally, I’ve used it when it came to skincare but never on my hair however I’ve heard amazing things about it and I thought I’d try it out. Initially, I planned to record this process however as I was mixing the ingredients together, the product had gotten everywhere, my hands were plastered with the clay and trying to stop and record everything seemed like a lot.

But to continue, I tried this recipe on my hair today and I was surprised with the outcome because during the process of molding my hair with it, it didn’t seem as if my hair was going to be moisturized in the end (which I had seen on YouTube with the other ladies). It was said to apply it on wet hair and at the time, my hair was already dried up after my wash cause sis does not contain water at all. I used a spray bottle to dampen it but I was concerned that I didn’t have it at that level. As I stated earlier, it was a messy process so don’t wear your good clothes while doing this, you could even use gloves if you’ll like.

It took about 15-20 minutes to apply, depending on your hair type or length and a good thing to remember is to detangle your hair as you do so because it does harden. That’s another thing I was worried about because I didn’t know how long to keep the mask on so I set my timer for 15 minutes. Once that was complete, I rinsed it out. You would think that it would be a struggle to get out of your hair but it was no problem at all. It washed out with ease. As I’m rinsing my hair, I feel how squeaky clean it is. I get a lot of product build up and that definitely helped plus my curls were defined so well and my hair fell instead of shaping upward (if you dig what I’m saying).

Again, I did my research first before testing it out and now I have to let you know the benefits of doing this hair mask if you ain’t know already:

  1. It draws out toxins in your hair.

  2. Retains moisture from hair products used.

  3. Defines your curls (as I stated with my own personal experience).

Products used:

  • Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($7.99)

  • Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar ($5.99)

  • Water ($free.99)

*Oil (of your choice) is an option, I personally didn’t add it but others have.


Do not use a metal spoon or bowl to mix the bentonite clay because the metal will reduce the clay‘s properties.

Feel free to try this exact mask on your face!

with love,