Planning for 2021

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

About two years ago, I began creating themes to determine what kind of year I want to have. Setting themes has guided me into understanding more of why I was doing something. Last year the theme I had chosen was "intention", which is defined as "what one intends to do or bring about". I learned being intentional is aligning yourself with purpose. It's not going with the flow of things or remaining lost in a space wondering all of the time. It's figuring out your needs and wants and how to approach them.

Now, 2021 is here and aren't we glad? It's a blessing to say, "God, thank you for allowing me to make it here.". Of course I've kept my tradition of selecting a theme and that will be self discipline. In a motivational video, Will Smith expressed self discipline as it being self love. "If you want to be happy, you have to love yourself which means you have to discipline your behavior.". When we look at discipline, it is associated with punishment. In the way I have chosen to discipline myself it is merely a practice of being intentional with what I am doing or want to do.

What will be your theme?

I am an avid writer, writing out my goals is essential and not just any goal but attainable goals. Breaking down a long term goal into smaller goals is helpful to achieving that long term goal and discipline is included in that process. My process usually involve prioritizing what is needed to be done now. Asking what can be done this week? In two weeks? What amazes me is that when I have put off doing something for so long and then when I finally decide to do it, realizing that it only took me 5 minutes to do Procrastination kills. A fun way to set goals is making vision boards. This is a tradition that I love to partake in and it's a visual representation of all of the things you want. If writing something out doesn't work for you, try a vision board or even create a mood board on your phone if you prefer to do it that way. There's no right way of doing something, there are options for what you can do and adding your own twist is what makes it you.

I love planners. Though I have only used planners for school purposes, I am trying something new this year which will be using my planner for my blog. That way I can utilize my time more effectively and becoming more strategic with what's needed to be done and when it need to be done by having those deadlines. Again, if writing things out doesn't work for you then try setting reminders in your phone or using your google calendar. Whatever works for you!

I saved the best for last because why not? No matter what plan I may have, knowing that God has to be in the center of it all. If God didn't have it for me then I do not want it. Praying over my plans is required. If I don't know if I should execute a plan then I talk to God about it because only will God know. I want to conclude this post by saying that if your plan is to have more rest then do that. Get aligned with your needs. Wherever you are in your journey is yours, do not be moved by where another person may be.