Q&A with S.Nichol Fitness

Throughout the years of my life, a great part of that has been shared with my sister, Shannon. Having to share rooms with her as a child and even as we both peaked into adulthood, has led to becoming accustomed to her presence and what her personal style is plus partaking in daily conversations and sometimes which caused conflict over wearing my clothes without asking. Thankfully there has been turn in our sister-ship as we got older and for that I am grateful. It hasn't been all bad, she's just annoying but it's okay, she's the only person that could do so but also bring out the best in you with her goofy personality. I am a big sister because of her; she's the best little sister ever and I'm not just saying that.

I've learned to believe that the healing process is different for us all, one could escape through music or dance, another may use art to get them through the day, for Shannon it has been fitness. I had the pleasure of witnessing her growth and watch what she believed she could do come into fruition. She knows what she wants and she is dedicated to her goals. I knew at one point that I wanted to write a blog post about our sisterhood but she put the bug in my ear while on Facetime one night saying, "you should write a blog post about me!", if you know her then you would know she can be demanding. I wasn't opposed to the idea at all besides I see it as an exclusive interview with a fitness guru, entrepreneur and brand ambassador. Other than being my little sister, she is a BOSS. Here's what we discussed below.

How did you come to creating your brand, S.Nichol Fitness?

A few years ago, a friend of mine and a local artist here in Bryan, Texas Jay Jeedha made a comment about "Rocking S.Nichol" in one of his songs. When I was thinking of a name for my brand, it instantly came to mind. I couldn't wait to tell him how I was going to include it. The name was declared two years before I began its journey.

Who and/or what inspires you? How are you motivated?

Wanting more out of life inspires me. Growing up we've experienced what we did not want for ourselves in our future. In other words, I didn't look up to anyone, I just knew who or what I didn't want to be like!

Give us the basics, why is it imperative that we take better care of ourselves?

Exercise promotes a positive mood, reduces stress, it's good for improving your sleep and exercising reduces depression and anxiety plus the chances of heart disease, and other diseases like diabetes by being physically active. I feel so much better after a good workout, it's like my mind is more clear.

Are there any challenges you have faced along your journey? If so, how have you overcome those obstacles?

I have my days where I beat myself up, it could be something so simple by not meal prepping or feeling too tired to go to the gym. What I come to realize throughout my journey is that you don't need to be perfect or go to the extreme. As time pass, you will get better with progression. Maintaining that mentality is what keeps me going on those bad days.

Have you experienced any insecurities with your body? Explain.

Yes. There were jokes about my body by people telling me that I looked "swoll" for a female and I was teased for it. I used to question myself about it sometimes until I no longer allowed it to bother me. Instead, it became my lifestyle. This is who I am naturally, my body was this way prior to working out on a consistent basis. I love my body even more, fitness provided me with a different perspective and this is where self love began.

For those beginning to start in their fitness journey, what advice would you give?

I would tell them to know their "why", that way you're consistent and it serves as a reminder. Creating a habit isn't easy but it does get better. Know that you will do good and will also fall short sometimes but when you fall short, you're not falling from the very beginning of when you started, by then you've already made progress. Think of it in that sense.

Not only do you have your own brand but you still work full time and your a brand ambassador for The Sultry Label. How do you manage it all?

You make time for the things you want. When I'm off from work, it's strictly business. I go to the gym. It's a lot of long nights and early mornings, turning in late and cooking late to meal prep. I manage to wake up early enough to eat breakfast and enjoy a smoothie every morning and I do it all over again. It's a routine but I feel good about it. On the days that I'm off, I work on creating content for my brand. I am a brand ambassador, I have a business friend, Missy who is the owner of The Sultry Label, which happens to be an asset for me as well. Modeling for her brand gives me insight of where I am in my fitness journey. The entire process is life changing that teaches you patience, and I fell in love with it.

What do you envision for yourself?

I truly believe that my purpose in life is to help others. Not only am I intentional of how I speak positivity into myself but into those around me. I want to leave a mark. Assisting with changing lives for the better by either losing or even gaining weight is huge. I think long term and that brings me joy. I want to expand my business. I want to own a fitness facility in my hometown, there are none that are Black owned.

There aren't too many Black Women that are Fitness Trainers in the area, how do you feel about it? Is it a struggle of not having the relatability?

Yes, it is a struggle but I believe that I can be the one to get that started for other Black Women. Sometimes, I would like to collaborate with other trainers that look like me which can be disheartening because I do hold that space to work with Black Women period.

This wrapped up our conversation of Shannon's fitness journey, though we touched base on it, you are able to learn more about her website at www.snicholfitness.com and you are able to follow her on Instagram at @snicholfitness and her personal Instagram page at @nicholsearcy


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