#TheCrochetQueen my go-to Protective Hairstyle

I had given myself the title of being The Crochet Queen not that long ago after I had discover my love for these attainable, protective hairstyles from YouTube while starting out my natural hair journey in 2018. I never imagined that they would become a personal favorite. I remember at the age of four, my step-mom at the time did my hair in a crochet braid hairstyle. They were the wavy ones that looked like noodles now that I think about it. I wanted to try the curly ones cause those were way cuter in my opinion. After weeks of watching countless videos of how-to tutorials I finally purchased a bag of crochet hair, had my sister braid my hair down and I crocheted it in. I was nervous about the end result but amazingly enough I loved the turn out. From then on, I decided that crochet hairstyles would be my go to for protective hairstyling.

I pride myself in doing things on my own especially when it comes to certain skills. It centers around self expression, maintaining my individuality and having a sense of freedom. I never knew what my natural hair looked like until I returned back to my roots. I was addicted to the creamy crack since I was youngin' and doing my hair gives me a feeling of taking care of my inner child by learning different styles that I didn't experience before and what matters is that it is on my own terms. But anyway, protective hairstyles overall is so much easier to maintain, you get up and go on about your life. Not only do I save time but also I save money. Preparing for work early in the morning, having a crochet protective hairstyle reduces the time. Typically when I order the crochet hair (depending on the style - twists, braids, etc.) I usually buy 3 bags minimum and the cost ranges from $25-50. Now y'all, If you know me then you know how I feel about saving my coins so I can't argue with that plus I don't pay anyone to crochet it in because I do it myself. These styles are easy to achieve even if you aren't a braider; I found that there are different types of braid patterns that cater to those particular folk. What I also love about protective hairstyles is the growth. Tucking my hair away for a month endures inches honey. Lastly, if you need something easy and fast, I highly suggest trying a crochet hairstyle whether that is twists, braids or a half-up half-down style. It has changed my life. Below I wanted to showcase photos to give a better insight.


The Crochet Queen


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