Why Decluttering Is Important

Your personal space is yours, a sacred place where it should feel at home and provides solitude. Decluttering is a form of self care. When you free up your physical space, you free up your mental space. I know when I'm not in a good mental space because my my space will reflect it. Less is more. Clearing your space is making room for more space and it's freeing. Owning less is beneficial for less time to manage everything but also spending less money by not being too eager to purchase things to fill your space right back up.

As I get older, I've been creating

my own traditions and carrying on the old ones like being woken up by our mothers and having to clean up on Saturday morning while the music plays throughout the house. In the Black community we make fun of it but it's a tradition that we do. Not only cleaning brings peace of mind but getting rid of items that you're not utilizing anymore is a way to let go of what no longer serves you. Are you still holding on to that old sweater from two relationships ago because it sparks joy (as Marie Kondo says and if you haven't watched that Netflix series I think you should check it out) or is it a reminder of that person that you may need to move on from? (No shade) Knowing why you're holding on to such things will guide you into clearing out your space and differentiating from what is truly worth keeping. It will feel like a weight has been lifted and the load isn't as heavy.

Clutter is disorder and may cause stress in your home. As I stated before, your personal space is sacred and what you choose to do with it is yours. However, consider it to be that place of peace and relaxation. Clutter can disrupt that by being in the way. I'm sure you've seen an episode of Hoarders to get an idea but I know it's way deeper than that. You don't have to necessarily get rid of everything but finding a home for your valuables is helpful with creating organization. You're not depriving yourself by decluttering, you're only simplifying it. Another great benefit is appreciating what you have. In the Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, she tells her clients to show gratitude for the items that had but no longer choose to own. Notice when I mention "getting rid" of your possessions, that can be any way you may choose. Do you wish to donate to a local charity? Sell them in a Facebook market group or to Plato's Closet? Make it fun by hosting a garage sale! Consider those options. I challenge you to start small like your closet and you will see what you will find, and make a mental note on the impact.