about me 


Hi, and welcome to my blog. I am Vivion Lashon, the creator of livinglifevividly. Based in Texas and an HBCU alum, during my college years is where a thought to create a blog transformed into what it is now. I believe that I am one to not be placed in a box, deciding what I wanted to write about was hard itself. I am one to write almost everything down from to-do lists, meal ideas, budgeting plans, etc. I am an advocate of self care and personal development. I enjoy home decor and organization. Finding staple items at a low cost is a cheap thrill but diving into luxury is one that is deserving. Creating content excites me and I love sharing it with others authentically while telling a story. I know that as I continue to grown, so will this blog and I aspire to inspire to do what you love.

with kindness, 

Vivion Lashon