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Welcome. I am Vivion (pronounced viv/ee/on) and I am the creator of livinglifevividly. From being a thought years ago while in undergrad at Wiley College I took a step out on faith to make a dream come true. I have always enjoyed writing whether it was in a diary or letters to friends putting pen on paper became something I loved to express myself. I am based in Bryan/College Station, Texas where I was born and raised. I completed my undergraduate degree in Business Administration during the midst of the pandemic and currently seeking to gain my master's in Public Health at Sam Houston State University. Outside of my 9to5, and grad school. I like to style and organize spaces, explore food places or cook at home, Netflix and Chill, create content and indulge in selfcare. I'm sure there's more but you get the hint. As I grow, I know that this blog will grow along with me, and I hope that you are encouraged to do what you love despite any fears. or doubts. Happy Reading! 

Vivion Lashon