The Woman behind the Desk

Welcome to my safe haven. 

This blog was created out of a need for self expression. Inspired by @blackgirlswhoblog, having a niche for free writing and wanting to share what I love and discovered throughout my life journey on a platform. Embarking on this path has opened up a lot about myself from being a student of life. Wellness, specifically anything to do with self care has played, does play a major role into learning who it is that I am.  

When it come to finding that "one" thing, that's a box I cannot be placed in, I like too many things and it's hard to only put one to use. Versatile Vivion, a name that was birthed at the age of 12 when my English teacher asked us to think of a word that most likely describes us and also begins with the first letter of our name. I'd like to believe that's exactly what this blog will entail but in a nutshell, it will consist of life + style, wellness and natural hair. 

Lastly, I guess I could've typed this part first but my name is Vivion, my nickname is Shon. I am 27 years old. I hail from Texas, an HBCU graduate of the Wiley College. A self love advocate, the crochet queen and a first time plant mom to Penny my ponytail palm tree, creative enthusiast and I enjoy thrift finds. I'm sure I left some things out not purposely intended but the good thing is that you can read about it here on my blog. 

With love, 

Vivion Lashon