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Hi! I’m Vivion,

A lifestyle & wellness blogger 

Pronounced Viv-ee-on. I'm a writer turned blogger. Ever since I could remember, writing was my escape. I decided to pursue blogging in 2018 because I felt a passion for it during college which has led me to wanting to share what I know within my own lens especially as it pertains to Black women and the Black community. Finally, a thought became my reality in 2020 during the pandemic, livinglifevividly was born.

I was born and raised in Texas. At the age of 22, I decided to further my education by attending the Wiley College, Home of the Great Debaters graduating with a bachelor's in business administration. It's interesting because I didn't necessarily enjoy being a business major. I had found other things I enjoyed simply by being involved in organizations. I loved learning about mental health, I started listening to podcasts, and leading events that held spaces for Black women to share vulnerability. Although I have yet to fully establish it, I began recording videos in my dorm room to share tips on mental health. Also, I discovered my all-time favorite protective hairstyle, crochet braids. There was so much that I had taken in that was good for me. Everything that entailed lifestyle and wellness, I felt I needed to share it with love. There's no gatekeeping over here. 

I pray that you're able to takeaway something from my blog as it may inspire you. Thank you for reading. 

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