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Day Trip to Taquero Mucho in Austin, TX

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Last month, I traveled to Austin, TX with my sister for a day trip to try a new food spot, to us. We had the experience of trying Taquero Mucho. I found this place on TikTok simply by searching, "food spots in Austin, TX" and when I saw the video to this one, I instantly became drawn to it because of the color. Pink. Pink everywhere and I made sure to capture all of the elements that consumed it. Unsure of what to order, my sister had looked around to see what other people had ordered on the menu as a guide. The table in front of us seemed to be regular customers and one of them had the crispy shrimp tacos, which appeared to be delicious and that's what we got!

My opinion on the crispy shrimp tacos was that I was impressed with the color of the tortillas, which were, you guessed it, pink! I would prefer to have a crispier layer of coating, that would be my only recommendation. As far as the drinks, we tried the Peach Please drink, which wasn't my favorite because it was too sweet with a lot of alcohol, so the combination was imbalanced therefore I played it safe, went classic and got the pink margarita in which I enjoyed more. The rice and beans were perfection, I must say the rice had the softest texture. Lastly, if you are looking to take any optics for aesthetic purposes, this is the place to go. Their photo booth and selfie wall were main focal points in this restaurant. I would say it is a must try, especially to spend with your gals or guys. Check out the link to explore their menu.


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